Wednesday, 17 April 2013

0041 - 0043 - Carry The Weight stuff!

Here's another multiple post to save time. I ordered the Guilty 7" from Carry The Weight and picked up a couple of other records whilst I was browsing, as it would have been rude to just buy one!

#0041 - Guilty - Guilty 7"

This was the reason I ordered from Carry The Weight to begin with. I really liked the cover art, so purchased it.

It came with a simple paper insert, with lyrics and credits on.

The record features four songs:-

1. Hollow Path
2. The Night Shift
3. Shackles
4. At The Bottom 22.07.11

I love the record itself as well. It's pretty unusual to get a pastel orange pressing and the black/red streaks look ace on it.

In terms of pressing it was limited to 1000 and it was put out by Carry The Weight Records (UK), Six Feet Under Records (USA) and Green Menace Records (Swe). I've put the pressing info below:-

Carry The Weight Records:-

Out of 300. 100 on Black vinyl and 200 on Orange w/black splatter vinyl

Six Feet Under Records:-

Out of 400. 100 on Red/White/Orange Tri-colour vinyl and 300 on Blue/Black swirl vinyl.

Green Menace Records:-

Out of 300. 300 on Blue/Black swirl.

These numbers/colours are as accurate as I can get them but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!

As far as I can tell, you cal still pick up copies of both colours from Carry The Weight Records at and from Six Feet Under Records at

Anyway, this is an awesome, short-sharp 7" from one of Sweden's best hardcore bands. Buy it if you haven't already.

#0042 - Cold Snap - Bad Moon Rising 7"

While I was browsing I picked up two other 7"s, including this one.

With this record, the inner sleeve also acts and the lyric insert.

The 7" has four tracks on it:-

1. Hypothermia
2. Violent And Void
3. Bad Moon Rising
4. Wretched Existence

This was a split release between Carry The Weight Record and Dead and Gone Records. The pressing info is below:-

Out of 500. 150 on Clear w/Grey, White, Yellow Splatter vinyl, 150 vinyl Black with yellow centre vinyl and 200 on Black vinyl.

Again, these figure are as accurate as I can get them. Feel free to nudge me if they're wrong.

This has sold as far as I can tell, but you may be able to pick copies up from various distros or from Dead Formant, eBay etc.

#0043 - Said And Done - Weight of The World 7"

This was the other 7" I picked up. I bought this becuase I had a bit of a fascination with Dutch hardcore at the time and had been talking to Pim a lot while writing my blog.

 The record sleeve features two live shots of the band, from gigs in Poland and France. Pretty cool sleeve. I wish more bands did this.

Again, this 7" feature four tracks too:-

1. Weight of The World
2. Third Wave
3. Fit The Mold
4. Burning

Carry The Weight got this record right, as they've put the RPM speeds on the centre stickers. You all know how I like to know my speeds!

In terms of pressing, this was a Carry The Weight only releases. Pressing info below:-

Out of 500. 200 on Red w/Black splatter vinyl and 300 on Black vinyl.

You can still pick Black copies up from Carry The Weight Records at

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