Tuesday, 16 April 2013

0040 - Dry Heaves - Loose Tongues 7"

I've gone through another one of my quiet patches with this blog, but want to get back into it, as I have so much to post about and am lazy. Hopefully I'll get more updates up over the next few weeks too. I'm not really very good at it!

Anyway, onto this record. I saw Sheffield punks Dry Heaves in the upstairs room of a pub in Harrogate called The Empress. The gig was put on by North Yorkshire Hardcore. It also featured local bands Little Drafts, Eric Bana and also Eagleburner, from down South. It was the first time I'd seen Dry Heaves, so I picked up this 7" from the band after the gig.

I've got a lot of affection for records with cool artwork and this record has cool artwork. The artwork was done by Pogger Art.

I've taken a photo of it unfolded too as I think it's rad.

The inside of the cover features the song lyrics and band credits.

The record features five tracks in all -

Side A:-
1. Loose Tongues
2. Play It Safe
3. Paranoia

Side B:-
4. What's Wrong With Me
5. Tontine

The record was put out by Sheffield band label Common Thread Records. It was limited to 300 copies and pressed on Yellow vinyl.

As you'll see from the above pics, the band personalised each copy. I especially like what they did with Side Bee, get it!

Anyway, this is awesome 80s inspired punk and will appeal to you if you like bands like Circle Jerks and the like.

If you've not already go it, you can still pick copies up from both the band and the label. Check the links below:-

Common Thread Records - http://commonthreadrecords.blogspot.co.uk/
Dry Heaves - http://dryheavespunk.blogspot.co.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/DryHeavesSheffield