Monday, 25 February 2013

0039 - Integrity/Rot In Hell - Black Heksen Rise 2x7" Split

This is one of the best looking 7"s I've got in my collection. I got it as part of the TDON Singles club again in 2011, as I was lucky enough to purchase my subscription before the cut-off date which meant it wouldn't be included in the club. It's a two 7" set and it was my introduction to both Integrity and Rot In Hell.

The artwork for the whole record was done by Dwid and looks amazing. You wouldn't know by looking at the cover which bands were part of this record, but that's the point. Why spoil the artwork on the cover by putting band logos on it!

Same with back of the sleeve. There's no song titles.

The theme and artwork carries on inside the sleeve. It's been made into more of a book that a record sleeve, as you'll see below.

It's only on the last two pages of the book inside that the participating bands are mentioned. along with song lyrics.

Tracklist: First 7" -
Side A - Integrity

1. Waiting For The Sun To Burn Out My Eyes
2. Black Heksen Rise

Side B -Rot In Hell

3. Erebus 
4. Life Becomes A Desert Around You 

Tracklist: Second 7"

Side C -Dwid Hellion

5. Where Does The Fire Come From?

Side D - Integrity/Dwid Hellion

6. Waiting For The Sun To Burn Out My Eyes
7. Process Of Prayer

The 7"s themselves have been pressed on really nice blue/green vinyl -

As far as pressing goes this was pretty limited -

100 on White (signed by Dwid Hellion)
100 on Black
100 on Red
500 on Blue/Green

In terms of purchasing the record, they have long since sold out from the TDON, Holy Terror and Rot In Hell web-stores. You may be able to pick copies up from Discogs.


  1. There's also one on Red also around 100 copies

  2. Thanks for that Willem. I've now updated the post. Cheers.