Saturday, 23 February 2013

0038 - Heksed - Plague Embrace 7"

This was another 7" that came through the TDON Singles club in 2011. Heksed have since become one of my favourite bands and I've pretty much picked up everything they've released since then. Their Norwegian hardcore was closely compared to that of Holy Terror bands, and as I was waiting for my copy of the Integrity/Rot In Hell split at the time, this suited me.

I loved the imagery on the cover of the sleeve. By looking at it you just knew Heksed were going be heavy.

I also like the way that the artwork is wrapped around the whole sleeve. The same font is used for the writing on the back, as is used on the front.

The original 7" contained four tracks, but it's since been repressed on tape by Church of Fuck (which I also have!) and features six tracks.

Side A -
1. Damned and Dead
2. Waylands Knot
3. Suffer/Fear

Side B -
4. Blodets Forbannelse

The record itself was pressed on black vinyl with gloomy grey centre stickers and limited to just 300 copies.

My copy also came with a pretty big patch, which was cool.

I've somehow wound up with two copies of this 7". This one which I'm keeping, but the other one (without the patch) I'm willing to trade.

The original pressing is sold out at TDON but you may be able to pick up copies from various distros or from Discogs/Ebay.

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