Monday, 27 July 2015

Grace/Tide Of Iron - The Hard Work Split 7"

I picked this split 7" up from Tombs In The Valley Records (RIP), along with a load of other obscure heavy/noisy records in 2013 I think! Grace and Tide Of Iron were both pretty new to me at the time but I did review the split on my other blog.

The record was housed in a black and white sleeve with a nice obi strip.

Just two songs from each band here:-

Side A - Grace

1. Alchemist
2. Hammer

Side B - Tide Of Iron

3. Jas Murray Dirty Protest
4. Apple Sauce

The record was released by SuperFi Records, Shy Bairns and Tombs In The Valley Records.

Not the best pic I know, but the inside of the sleeve contains the usual thanks and credits, as well as the names of the members of both bands.

Side A -

Side B -

The split was pressed on black vinyl and was limited to just 250 copies. Nice to see a lot of thought was put into the release, as the centre stickers on both sides contain the bands, their song titles and the RPM that it should be played at.

If you like obscure heavy bands and don't mind the fact that they're no longer active, hunt this down as it's ace.

Stream it here, you'll enjoy it -

It's unlikely that you'll find any Facebook or social media pages for Grace and Tide Of Iron now, while both Shy Bairns and Tombs In The Valley seem to be done too. SuperFi Records has sold out of copies, so you can either grab the songs as a name-your-price-download above or hunt for a copy in distros or on Discogs.

SuperFi Records Facebook -

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